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Digital Nomad. Father. Comic Book Guy.
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who is the ashman?

Ashley Cotter-Cairns

I’ve been self-employed for almost long enough to not remember the misery of working for someone else. Like most people, there are many aspects to me. I actively choose to pursue the many aspects of my personality — and to document those pursuits here. I’m not completely sure why I’m doing this, although I do have some nagging suspicions. It will probably become more clear to myself and to my audience as time goes on. I have a lot to say! And there are many people who ask me how I live the life I do.

On a walking tour in Italy. I do this and still make money all day long.


Digital Nomad

For more than 15 years, I’ve had the ability to work wherever I wanted in the world. That does not mean I have always taken advantage of that. But I am starting!

Comics & More

Have you ever hated your job? I used to. And then I realized that I could pursue my passion for reading and collecting comic books as a career. It’s my business!

My Book

I often get asked about my life: How did you get into comic books for a living? How do you handle being a father and driving such a cool car? All your questions are answered in My Book.
speaking engagements

Learn My World. Change Your Life.

Finding Strength

Recognize our personal strengths and how organizations can benefit from a more independent workforce.

Optimizing Focus

Wisely managing time and energy allows me to focus in measured increments. Let me show you how.


Want to cut your carbon footprint? Learn how to work from home. One day a week is 20% less travel.


Outsourcing weaknesses, multiple streams of income, diverse interests: all of these have allowed me to live a life of freedom. Learn how.

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